Toolkit 3.5 - Plant Nutrition

pdf Toolkit 3.5 - Plant Nutrition  Published Popular

Toolkit 3.5 - Plant Nutrition

Workflow: Production - Basic Farming Practices
Target Audience: Farm managers, and supervisors

Resource List

1.  2021 References CRI Production Guidelines Volume II: Chapter 1 - Fertilisation
2.  2021 References Production Learning Material - Plant Nutrition and Soil Management (Citrus Academy)
3. Green icon Skills Sheet - Soil sampling (Citrus Academy) under development
4. Green icon Skills Sheet - Leaf sampling (Citrus Academy) under development
5. Green icon Information Sheet - Nutrient norms for leaf analysis (Citrus Academy) under development
6. Green icon Electronic Posters - Nutrient deficiency leaf symptoms (Citrus Academy) under development
7. Green icon Information Sheet - Fertilisation programme and scheduling example (Citrus Academy) under development
8. Green icon Information Sheet - List of commercially available fertilisers (Citrus Academy) under development

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