CRI Cutting Edge 2015 (No. 191-206)

CRI Cutting Edge 2015 (No. 191-206)


pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 206/2015  Published Popular

  • Consumer Assurance Update, November 2015

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 205/2015  Published Popular

  • Amendment of SOLAS Chapter VI, Part A, Regulation 2: Shippers Mandatory Verification of the Gross Mass of a Packed Container

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 204/2015  Published Popular

  • The control of sour rot requires the diligent implementation and management of orchard practices to assist in reducing the incidence of this postharvest disease

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 203/2015  Published Popular

  • Avoiding mealybug repercussions

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 202/2015  Published Popular

  • Export Citrus Postharvest Treatment Labelling Considerations
  • Table 1: Summary of post-harvest treatment declarations
  • Annex 1: Russian Symbols

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 201/2015  Published Popular

  • CRI-CIS notice regarding Carninka navel and Midknight F17 Valencia

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 200/2015  Published Popular

  • Clarification on the declaration of post-harvest treatments of citrus fruit for the UK

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 197/2015  Published Popular

  • Diligent postharvest disease management required at the beginning of the citrus harvest season

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 196/2015  Published Popular

  • Sampling procedure for Phytophthora and citrus nematode analysis and latest price list for services rendered by the Diagnostic Centre

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 195/2015  Published Popular

  • Food Safety Update
  • Public Hearings on the Agricultural Products Standards Amendment Bill 2014

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 194/2015  Published Popular

  • Update on the Guazatine EU MRL

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 193/2015  Published Popular

  • Name change of the invasive fruit fly and update on its pest status in South Africa

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 192/2015  Published Popular

  • CM monitoring – of critical importance

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 191/2015  Published Popular

  • Update on the National Road Traffic Act – 22nd Amendment