CRI Cutting Edge 2017 (No. 228-240)

CRI Cutting Edge 2017 (No. 228-240)


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  • CBS spray programmes_update

    Please note the following correction in the text in this version of Cutting Edge 237 -  Updated Citrus Black Spot Spray Programmes 2017-2018.

    On page 1 of the Cutting Edge, right-hand column, point C. b. Should read as follows: “Valencias: protection until end-February; Limpopo valley until end-January.”

    This corresponds to the information in the Afrikaans translation and is in accordance with the previous Cutting Edge 189 - Citrus Black Spot Spray Programmes 2014-2015.

    We apologise for any confusion that the omission of the word ‘valley’ may have caused.

    Regards, CRI

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  • Phytophthora root and brown rot control

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  • Update for all citrus exports to EU

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  • Consumer Assurance and MRL Update

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  • Carob moth in citrus orchards

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  • Export recommendations for Citrus