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Citrus Academy - AV Modules Transcripts

Audio-visual learning media is used by growers, farm and packhouse managers, learning providers, extension personnel, and anyone else that needs an effective way of developing and reinforcing skills and knowledge on particular aspects of citrus production. Audio-visual media is developed for particular aspects in the citrus value chain.

Learner guides are transcriptions of the modules found in the audio-visual series available from the Citrus Academy.

Visit our YouTube channel CitrusAcademy1 to view a selection of audio-visual material.

Citrus Postharvest Series (CPHS)

The Citrus Postharvest Series consists of 50 modules, with certain modules available in Afrikaans (00, 02, 10, 13, 14, 15, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 38). Please note that there is no English or Afrikaans download for Module 39 and 40.

Screenshots from the audio-visual media have been included in the learner guides, which are transcriptions of the text of the audio-visual modules, with additional reference information, examples, definitions, practical learning activities, and so on.

This material can be used for:

  • Reinforcement of visual learning
  • Revision and review
  • Simplified access to relevant information
  • Formal learning assessment

IPM for Citrus

Integrated Pest Management for Citrus is for scouts and staff working in citrus pest control and management.

A Pre-harvest Fruit Analysis Form and Scout Form in English and Afrikaans are provided, as well as a downloadable SAFJ article titled "Thresholds and guidelines for intervention against citrus pests" (2008).

Citrus Harvesting

The Citrus Harvesting written learning material forms part of the Citrus Postharvest Series. The modules are repackaged to address the particular need for training permanent and seasonal workers in citrus harvesting.

Citrus Packing

The Citrus Packing written learning material forms part of the Citrus Postharvest Series. The modules are repackaged to address the particular need for training permanent and seasonal packhouse workers.

Citrus Planting Management

The Citrus Planting Management learning material has been developed to facilitate an understanding of the planning and planting of new citrus orchards, as well as maintaining records of individual orchards over their lifespans.

Citrus Pruning

The Citrus Pruning written learning material covers aspects of pruning as an essential production practice on citrus farms. Around South Africa citrus pruning strategies vary greatly. No matter the pruning strategy, the same factors, expected outcomes and limitations are in play across the board.

Citrus Propagation

The Citrus Plant Propagation written learning material looks at the requirements for citrus propagation and develops an understanding of the process of making citrus trees. Southern African citrus growers make a profit from producing quality fruit for the export market, and it all begins with planting quality, true-to-type citrus trees, produced by certified citrus nurseries.

Citrus Plant Structures and Functions

The Citrus Plant Structures and Functions written learning material provides a good understanding of plant physiology, facilitating understanding of what plants need in order to grow best, which is critical if we are involved in plant production.