Citrus Pruning Learner Guide

Citrus Pruning Learner Guide


pdf Citrus Pruning Learner Guide  Published Popular

Citrus Pruning Learner Guide

The Citrus Pruning series pays attention to the various pruning strategies that are essential on citrus farms, where the same factors, expected outcomes and limitations apply to all strategies.

The content of this learning material is based on audio-visual media produced by the Citrus Academy.
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pdf Module 1 - Pruning Principles  Published Popular

Module 1 - Pruning Principles

Module 1 looks at the principles that govern pruning, such as citrus tree structural development, the timing of pruning and various pruning methods.

pdf Module 2 - Pruning Equipment  Published Popular

Module 2 - Pruning Equipment

Module 2 looks at the equipment used for pruning, how to choose the right tool for the right job, and how to clean, maintain and store the equipment to get the best and longest use out of it.

pdf Module 3 - Pruning Practices  Published Popular

Module 3 - Pruning Practices

Module 3 discusses various pruning practices of both mature and young citrus trees, as well as maintenance and corrective pruning procedures.