CRI Cutting Edge 2000 (No. 003-006)

CRI Cutting Edge 2000 (No. 003-006)


pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 06/2000  Published Popular

  • Rootstock options for Turkey “Valencia” in Southern Africa
  • Lorelei Traps for False Codling Moth

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 05/2000  Published Popular

  • Effect of Row Orientation on Internal Fruit Quality
  • Chemical Control of False Codling Moth: Sink or Swim
  • Use of 2,4-D and Guazatine for Japan
  • Gras Chemicals and Sanitizing Agents
  • Cultivar Note

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 04/2000  Published Popular

  • Wanted: New Citrus Cultivars - Cultivar Development, Outspan Citrus Centre
  • Cold Disinfestation Treatment of Red Scale (Aonidiella Aurantii) on Valencia Oranges
  • Difficulty in controlling Fruit Flies under damp conditions
  • Fungus Growth on Ceratitis and Questlure Capsules in the Sensus trap
  • Unusual Fly Larvae in stung or damaged fruit

pdf CRI - Cutting Edge 03/2000  Published Popular

  • Postharvest Fungicide Resistance