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Eurofruit 2013


pdf Eurofruit (06/12/13)  Published Popular

  • RSA produce industry joins Mandela mourning
    South African fruit industry joins in mourning for 'Madiba' as the country comes to grips with the passing of the legendary statesman

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  • South Africa reacts to citrus ban
    South African citrus industry expresses disappointment with EU move to ban imports

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  • Growers want ban on RSA citrus in 2014
    Head of EU agricultural group Copa-Cogeca calls on EC to apply its South Africa black spot ban to next season's crop

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  • Europe bars South African citrus
    Pending a study by the EFSA, the EC has moved to limit any possible risk of citrus black spot establishing itself in the EU

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  • CGA laments ups downs
    Record 2013 South African citrus export volumes continue to grow, with latest figures pointing to a 113m carton crop

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  • New Cape strike declared unlawful
    Labour union ordered away from four farms operated by Le Roux Group, a major exporter of plums, citrus and grapes

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  • Report rubbishes EFSA citrus claims
    Leading authorities on citrus black spot suggest disease poses no threat to EU's own production

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  • South African citrus still in spot of bother
    European Commission could still suspend imports from the country but will look to resolve issue during off season

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  • Record citrus crop on the rise
    South Africa's citrus export crop forecast has risen to above 112m cartons as the 2013 harvest continues to grow

pdf Eurofruit (16/08/13)  Published Popular

  • Congestion concerns for RSA citrus
    Exporters reportedly less inclined to ship fruit via Durban as a result of reported slow shipments through the port