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Eurofruit 2016


pdf Eurofruit (02/12/16)  Published Popular

  • RSA citrus empowerment project announced
    Ikamva Lethu project could transform how future empowerment deals in the agricultural sector are handled

pdf Eurofruit (21/11/16)  Published Popular

  • RSA breaks soft citrus record
    Record volumes of the fruit are exported by South Africa during the 2016 campaign

pdf Eurofruit (08/11/16)  Published Popular

  • Tough Q3 for South Africa trade
    Maersk Line report outlines year-on-year decline in South African market

pdf Eurofruit (07/11/16)  Published Popular

  • CGA reviews grapefruit campaign
    South African grapefruit volumes were higher than initially expected this year, but below the levels seen in 2014 and 2015

pdf Eurofruit (01/11/16)  Published Popular

  • Clemengold celebrates bumper season
    The citrus brand says it has come to the end of a very successful Southern Hemisphere campaign

pdf Eurofruit (26/10/16)  Published Popular

  • Spain slams RSA for dodging citrus controls
    Citrus Management Committee claims exporters are avoiding Spanish ports in favour of UK and Dutch ports

pdf Eurofruit (26/10/16)  Published Popular

  • High hopes for RSA mandarin
    A new mid-season mandarin hybrid offers much to the South African industry

pdf Eurofruit (16/09/16)  Published Popular

  • South Africa close to new citrus shipping deal with China
    South Africa’s Citrus Growers' Association has visited Beijing to secure break-bulk reefer shipments before next season

pdf Eurofruit (06/09/16)  Published Popular

  • South Africa 'wins CBS war'
    The country has reached a point where it seems to have won its citrus black spot battle and can now deal with other challenges

pdf Eurofruit (06/09/16)  Published Popular

  • Crucial time ahead for RSA citrus growers
    Drought and water shortages in South Africa’s northern regions are threatening the next citrus crop

pdf Eurofruit (25/07/16)  Published Popular

  • South African citrus volumes drop further
    Country's citrus crop forecast decreases substantially as Valencia harvest starts

pdf Eurofruit (15/07/16)  Published Popular

  • South Africa: new market trends in Europe

    In the first of three reports from the Western Cape, Fruitnet looks at how changing demand is influencing fruit exports

pdf Eurofruit (04/07/16)  Published Popular

  • RSA citrus trade sees Brexit opportunities
    South Africa’s citrus growers respond to Brexit with reference to reducing protectionism and technical barriers

pdf Eurofruit (24/06/16)  Published Popular

  • RSA citrus exports 'lower than predicted'
    Volumes could be as much as 9 per cent lower than the previous year

pdf Eurofruit (17/06/16)  Published Popular

  • Chile fills organic lemon shortfall
    South African organic lemon growers have struggled with black spot disease, leaving the path clear for Chilean supplies

pdf Eurofruit (14/06/16)  Published Popular

  • EU takes more southern African citrus
    Larger volume of fruit also shipped to Middle East, North America, Asia and Africa during early part of the season

pdf Eurofruit (17/05/16)  Published Popular

  • Western Cape launches climate strategy
    High level recognition in the region of the devastating effect climate change can have on the agricultural sector

pdf Eurofruit (17/05/16)  Published Popular

  • San Miguel bolsters South African operation
    Deal to acquire farms in Western Cape opens up new export opportunities to US

pdf Eurofruit 10/05/16)  Published Popular

  • New image for South African citrus
    South Africa’s summer citrus campaign continues to gain momentum in the US with the launch of a new brand identity

pdf Eurofruit (18/04/16)  Published Popular

  • Limoneira COO discusses South Africa deal
    Alex Teague, Limoneira’s chief operating officer, talks to Asiafruit about the group’s new joint venture South African operation, and its plans to form a similar alliance in Argentina

pdf Eurofruit (15/04/16)  Published Popular

  • EU CBS proposals criticised
    Copa-Cogeca slams EU Commission proposal which it says "severely weakens" import controls on citrus black spot

pdf Eurofruit (14/04/16)  Published Popular

  • Time to Tango
    The University of California Riverside has been granted plant breeders’ rights in South Africa for the Tango mandarin

pdf Eurofruit (13/04/16)  Published Popular

  • RSA lemon ban not 'country-wide'
    South Africa's voluntary diversion of organic lemons away from the EU does not apply to Western and Northern Capes

pdf Eurofruit (13/04/16)  Published Popular

  • RSA lemon ban a 'diplomatic step'
    Country's decision to stop its own organic lemon shipments to the EU was a gesture of goodwill, says special envoy

pdf Eurofruit (13/04/16)  Published Popular

  • Limoneira launches South Africa business
    Limoneira has launched its South African business and partnered with Re:inc to form Real Citrus

pdf Eurofruit (08/04/16)  Published Popular

  • South Africa selling more citrus to Asia

pdf Eurofruit (29/03/16)  Published Popular

  • Weather hits RSA citrus volumes
    Southern Africa will export less citrus fruit this year due to the ongoing drought in many regions, with real fears over the 2017 season

pdf Eurofruit (10/03/16)  Published Popular

  • Wild weather rattles South Africa
    Northern citrus growers in South Africa battle with drought while nearby areas are devastated by floods

pdf Eurofruit (03/03/16)  Published Popular

  • Chicken dinner? Citrus winner...
    The arrival of US chickens in South African supermarkets have lifted the spirits of the Cape’s citrus sector

pdf Eurofruit (29/01/16)  Published Popular

  • South Africans exude confidence
    The country’s sizeable fresh produce sector is looking toward increasing its export opportunities at the start of a new season

pdf Eurofruit (29/01/16)  Published Popular

  • FLIA 2016 nominee: Outspan Sam
    From South African fresh produce giant Capespan comes an educational character with a fun twist

pdf Eurofruit (14/01/16)  Published Popular

  • Europe picks up more RSA citrus
    Despite the ongoing focus on citrus black spot, South Africa’s citrus volumes to Europe actually increased significantly in 2015