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Eurofruit 2017


pdf Eurofruit (11/12/17)  Published Popular

  • A memorable lemon season
    South Africa's lemon exports rose dramatically in 2017, boosted by increased plantings over the past five years

pdf Eurofruit (04/12/17)  Published Popular

  • RSA grapefruit on the up
    The South African grapefruit sector appears to be emerging from the doldrums of the first decade of this century

pdf Eurofruit (03/11/17)  Published Popular

  • Spain speaks out against RSA citrus imports
    Greater availability of South African oranges is curbing sales of new season fruit from Andalucía, growers say

pdf Eurofruit (23/10/17)  Published Popular

  • RSA suspends citrus exports to EU
    South Africa’s Citrus Growers’ Association has announced the suspension of citrus exports to the European Union for the rest of the season

pdf Eurofruit (19/10/17)  Published Popular

  • Climate disrupts life in South Africa
    As Cape Town introduces water rationing to ensure that the city gets through the next summer, storms have hit north-eastern parts of the country

pdf Eurofruit (19/10/17)  Published Popular

  • Durban container terminal disappoints
    Problems at the port of Durban on South Africa’s east coast continue to frustrate the South African citrus industry

pdf Eurofruit (02/10/17)  Published Popular

  • Record year for Southern African citrus
    Industry cements its position as the region's leading fresh produce sector, ahead of table grapes and topfruit

pdf Eurofruit (22/09/17)  Published Popular

  • Stargrow records its first Tango exports
    Stargrow Marketing’s first exports of Tango bring impetus to new mandarin exports from South Africa

pdf Eurofruit (21/09/17)  Published Popular

  • RSA citrus closes in on forecast
    South African citrus is just short of its seasonal target as the campaign winds down

pdf Eurofruit (12/09/17)  Published Popular

  • South Africa optimistic for post Brexit trade
    Some EU import tariffs likely to have been influenced by European production, says South African trade body as it eyes Brexit opportunities

pdf Eurofruit (04/09/17)  Published Popular

  • Cape growers face anxious wait
    In South Africa, the Western Cape’s water problems deepen as winter rains fail to bring sufficient relief

pdf 170821 Eurofruit (21/08/17)  Published Popular

  • Lemon growers ponder future
    Challenges ahead for South African lemon growers as price boom seems to come to an end

pdf Eurofruit (16/08/17)  Published Popular

  • Tango hits South African shelves
    The long wait for the appearance of the new mandarin Tango in the country's supermarkets is over

pdf Eurofruit (09/08/17)  Published Popular

  • Cape growers face difficult times
    Drought conditions means the agricultural industry is battling with the surrounding population for water supplies

pdf Eurofruit (08/08/17)  Published Popular

  • Brexit could harm trade with Africa expert warns
    African exporters could lose out to rival markets, researcher warns, with developing countries at risk of losing preferential access to UK market

pdf Eurofruit (31/07/17)  Published Popular

  • Gold standard for mandarins
    ClemenGold and Tango are leading the way for the category in South Africa as planted area and consumption remain on an upward curve

pdf Eurofruit (27/06/17)  Published Popular

  • Pressure grows in Cape fruit regions
    Growers fear the long-term impact if the Western Cape region of South Africa does not receive sufficient rainfall

pdf Eurofruit (31/05/17)  Published Popular

  • Future bright for RSA organic citrus
    Despite orange crop losses badly affecting growers in South Africa, Eosta’s Volkert Engelsman says strong demand for organic citrus could be good news for producers

pdf Eurofruit (26/05/17)  Published Popular

  • RSA packhouse receives coveted audit rating
    Naranja Packers in receives Tesco and British Retail Consortium Accreditation after recent audit

pdf Eurofruit (08/05/17)  Published Popular

  • Southern Hemisphere citrus exports on the rise
    Citrus exports from Southern Hemisphere nations are expected to increase by 6 percent in 2017

pdf Euro Fruit (04/05/17)  Published Popular

  • RSA reacts as US re-admits Argentine lemons
    The return of Argentine lemons to the US will affect global trade in the long term, say South African growers, who expect the decision to reduce pressure on European markets and Russia

pdf Eurofruit (17/05/02)  Published Popular

  • Spain ramps up pressure on RSA citrus
    CGC claims to have proof that Dutch importers colluded with South Africa to cut number of CBS rejections

pdf Eurofruit (24/04/17)  Published Popular

  • Ailimpo warns of crowded EU lemon market
    A sharp rise in Spanish Verna production will clash with increased Southern Hemisphere arrivals

pdf Eurofruit (30/03/17)  Published Popular

  • Brexit means balancing act for South Africans
    South African fruit sources are extremely cautious when it comes to speculating what Brexit will mean for them

pdf Eurofruit (17/03/17)  Published Popular

  • Southern African citrus on the up
    Exports of citrus from Southern Africa are expected to return to 2015 levels this season

pdf Eurofruit (08/03/17)  Published Popular

  • Water worries for RSA citrus
    As South African growers meet to formulate their crop forecast, heavy rain and drought is dominating the talk

pdf Eurofruit (03/03/17)  Published Popular

  • Citrosol embarks on South African adventure
    The company is targeting the South African citrus market with its innovative range of post-harvest solutions

pdf Eurofruit (27/02/17)  Published Popular

  • African citrus sales concern RSA
    South Africa’s citrus industry is concerned about low exports into Africa

pdf Eurofruit (03/02/17)  Published Popular

  • MacGillivray completes Great Fruit Adventure
    Max MacGillivray completes African journey, reaching thousands of school children and raising awareness of fresh produce provenance

pdf Eurofruit (06/02/17)  Published Popular

  • New challenges face South African citrus
    Concerns as responsibility for phytosanitary certification activities in South Africa is delegated by government to PPECB

pdf Eurofruit (02/02/17)  Published Popular

  • BEE citrus project breaks the mould
    An agricultural Black Economic Empowerment project in the Western Cape has proved to be a great success

pdf Eurofruit (05/01/17)  Published Popular

  • Spanish citrus campaign goes from bad to worse
    Greater availability of South African oranges in the European market is adding to Spain’s woes