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Eurofruit 2018


pdf Eurofruit (14/12/18)  Published Popular

  • Spain calls for action as citrus prices slump
    Increasing overlap between South African fruit and early Spanish varieties causing alarm

pdf Eurofruit (10/12/18)  Published Popular

  • CGA outlines citrus issues
    The realities of growth in citrus production in South Africa are starting to sink in

pdf Eurofruit (07/12/18)  Published Popular

  • South Africans establish 'Fruit Desk'
    Recent international and local developments in South Africa will bring new challenges

pdf Eurofruit (06/12/18)  Published Popular

  • San Miguel funds expansion plans
    The company arranges US$100m in medium-term financing from IDB Invest, IFC and Rabobank

pdf Eurofruit (27/11/18)  Published Popular

  • EU slammed for unflinching bureaucratic coldness
    EU digs in heels and, according to South Africans, remains aggressively protectionist on CBS despite SA Citrus efforts

pdf Eurofruit (26/11/26)  Published Popular

  • Citrus growers wave goodbye to 2018
    The South African citrus industry set another record as it exceeds all seasonal expectations

pdf Eurofruit (21/11/18)  Published Popular

  • 20 years and counting
    Summer Citrus from South Africa is marking 20 years of providing fresh citrus to the US market.

pdf Eurofruit (29/10/18)  Published Popular

  • South African lemon growth confirmed
    In a year of record South African citrus exports across all categories, lemons did not disappoint

pdf Eurofruit (24/10/18)  Published Popular

  • Leading the grapefruit world
    Southern Africa is now just about the world’s only major grapefruit exporter

pdf Eurofruit (24/10/18)  Published Popular

  • South Africa looks to bolster trade in Europe
    This week’s Fruit Attraction in Spain offers opportunities for South African produce companies to boost their export business

pdf Eurofruit (04/09/18)  Published Popular

  • Citrus growth poses problems
    The logistics of exporting citrus from South Africa needs an urgent re-think if the country is to cope with future growth

pdf Eurofruit (03/09/18)  Published Popular

  • RSA reacts to road legislation threat
    South Africa's fruit sector predicts major disruption if new road legislation is implemented

pdf Eurofruit (31/08/18)  Published Popular

  • High noon for transport dispute
    The movement of fruit in high cube containers in South Africa is set to run into serious trouble this season

pdf Eurofruit (24/08/18)  Published Popular

  • Solutions sought at Port of Durban
    Increased breakbulk shipments my solve problems with sending citrus to China

pdf Eurofruit (23/08/18)  Published Popular

  • South Africa in a tiff over Trump
    Donald Trump’s latest tweets have caused great concern in South Africa

pdf Eurofruit (16/07/18)  Published Popular

  • Capespan launches Outspan Gems
    Group launches new dedicated soft citrus brand to capitalise on global growth in production and consumption

pdf Eurofruit (26/06/18)  Published Popular

  • USA takes in more RSA citrus
    The new South African citrus season in the US will be boosted by the arrival of the first reefer vessels

pdf Eurofruit (25/06/18)  Published Popular

  • Winning over the politicians
    The discussion on land in South Africa is moving to a new, critical stage

pdf Eurofruit (25/06/18)  Published Popular

  • South African citrus forecast rises
    With around 25 per cent of the 2018 Southern African citrus crop shipped, industry leaders have increased their forecast

pdf Eurofruit (18/06/18)  Published Popular

  • US widens RSA citrus access
    Citrus from previously excluded areas of South Africa is on the brink of being admitted to the US

pdf Eurofruit (14/06/18)  Published Popular

  • Citrus chief hits out at political posturing
    CGA's Justin Chadwick says the organisation will continue to support workers while working to head off unrest

pdf Eurofruit (05/06/18)  Published Popular

  • SCSA rolls out summer campaign
    Sweet Summer Sweepstakes consumer promo launched to coincide with peak South African season

pdf Eurofruit (15/05/18)  Published Popular

  • RSA backing for Stronger Together
    Prominent businesses join programme to address forced labour in South Africa's fruit and wine industries

pdf Eurofruit (25/04/18)  Published Popular

  • RSA optimistic ahead of new US citrus campaign
    SCSA heralds positive outlook as outgoing chairman Johan Mouton is replaced by Boet Mouton

pdf Eurofruit (24/04/18)  Published Popular

  • Container dispute comes to a head
    Unless sense prevails over High Cube ISO containers the South African fruit export industry faces an uphill road battle

pdf Eurofruit (24/04/18)  Published Popular

  • New chair at Fruit South Africa
    Bongiwe Njobe has been elected as the new chairperson, with the CGA's Justin Chadwick the vice-president

pdf Eurofruit (21/03/18)  Published Popular

  • SA expects record citrus export crop
    Southern Africa's first citrus export forecast of 2018 points to another record volume, despite the drought in some regions

pdf Eurofruit (26/02/18)  Published Popular

  • Drought hits RSA citrus output
    The water shortage and strengthening rand will present challenges for exporters this season

pdf Eurofruit (06/02/18)  Published Popular

  • Zimbabwe and China strike citrus deal
    China will now import around 45,000 tonnes of oranges from Zimbabwe annually

pdf Eurofruit (25/01/18)  Published Popular

  • Noose tightens for Western Cape growers
    Drought conditions mean underground water uses are under scrutiny in the Cape region