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Citrus Academy - Production Learning Material

The Citrus Academy has developed learning material for core unit standards belonging to the AgriSETA's Plant Production qualifications from NQF level 2 to 5. A set of learning material has been developed for each individual unit standard. Each set consists of a learner guide, facilitator guide, and assessment guides for learners and assessors.

Citrus Academy - Learning Programmes

The Citrus Academy develops learning programmes in response to significant needs in the industry. Where possible, learning programmes are aligned with registered unit standards. Alignment and assessment documentation is made available as part of the course material.

Citrus Academy - AV Modules Transcripts

Audio-visual learning media is used by growers, farm and packhouse managers, learning providers, extension personnel, and anyone else that needs an effective way of developing and reinforcing skills and knowledge on particular aspects of citrus production. Audio-visual media is developed for particular aspects in the citrus value chain.

Learner guides are transcriptions of the modules found in the audio-visual series available from the Citrus Academy.

Visit our YouTube channel CitrusAcademy1 to view a selection of audio-visual material.